Sunday, January 4, 2009


A few months ago, RIDE BMX magazine put out a great article about manufacturing in Taiwan. If you've ever worked in manufacturing and had the opportunity to visit the small, sardine-packed island, you'd realize that all your perceptions of high-quality vs. low-quality brand names are quickly thrown out the window.

Now, I used to work in electronics, so when I saw the lowest-end, bottom-shelf, Fry's Electronics no-name brand next to the top-of-the line, expensive, name brand stuff being built by the same hands... it made me question whether the "Made in Taiwan" sticker was something the internet forum, elitist mind-set got twisted.

In the end, the difference was quality control from the company itself and their ability to keep an eye on the products being shipped out of Taiwan. That is what makes a good part/bike. However, the label of being "Made in Taiwan" is nothing to be feared or criticized. I'm confident in saying your home appliances and the machines you rely on to cook your food are probably all made in Taiwan or China. Don't hate.

Check out the article below that was in RIDE BMX (click on the pics to enlarge). Photos by Keith Mulligan and Article by McGoo.

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