Thursday, January 1, 2009


Hello Hooligans...

Dion here, wishing all you out there in web land a Happy New Year! I'm a little sick today, but I think if I load up on some DayQuil I can get myself to go road riding with my wife after a three week break for her (she had a pretty gnarly crash which gained her a cracked rib).

I'll be hitting up some single tracks this Saturday with my brother on my new 29'er so hopefully I'll be able to get some good shots and reviews of that big stomper.

I also got a SenDec Hour Meter for Christmas (for the trusty CRF250X) from my brother:

If you don't already have a hour meter either on your trail-tech computer or a seperate unit, like what I have, then I would highly recommend getting one. They're cheap, but will allow you to dial in your RPM's and keep a good maintenance schedule. It beats a ruined motor and down riding time.

With Christmas and work + other two-wheel activities, it's been a struggle to get on the moto, but I'll be out there in the next couple of weeks, probably rolling the singletrakcs at Hollister (damn closing of Clear Creek!). PEACE!

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