Monday, December 29, 2008

Flatland Session at San Jose State University

Great riding yesterday! We even encountered a bunch of street riders - it was like watching tigers meet lions in the jungle: we knew we were basically the same, but different. They were nuttier than us, though. Anyhow, here's a vid.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Today I took a nice little cruise on my "Speedy Delivery" (1989 Schwinn Cruiser Utility Bike) in my hometown of Santa Cruz, Ca. and here are a few shots I got along the way. Enjoy!

This is my nephew, Jacob ("Jay Jay"). Yeah, it's not moto or bike related, but I love this little guy!

This is my utility bike. I can take this thing on Costco runs with those big-ass Wald Baskets.

Just a couple sunset photos. I love Santa Cruz.


Seems some B.A.R.F. folks don't anything get in their way. Here are some epic adventures from barf'er "Luckette". Links below:

Epic Ride I

Epic Ride II

Epic Ride III

Epic Ride IV

These posts are filled with some great photos and videos of slick tire riding through things that you should have a set of knobbies for.

This is an old video, but I thought I might share it if you haven't seen it. It's called "One Got Fat" and it's an old-school bicycle safety video. Kids with creepy monkey masks on bikes - what more could you ask for?

Friday, December 26, 2008


Thanks Jake!


I got 'em, but I am SERIOUSLY limited on quantities. PLEASE e-mail me first before ordering to see if I have your size in stock. We're going to get a different design made in Spring 2009, so stay tuned! $10.00 + $5.00 shipping. You can send funds via Pay-Pal to; make sure to specify your size (XL, L, M, SM).


Nor-Cal Flatland Folks are getting together this weekend at San Jose State University underneath the overhang at McQuarrie hall. I'll be taping for a video, so show up!

Here's a pic of Jason doing something special.

My Motobecane Outcast 29er Single Speed should be coming next week, so I'll be looking at riding the local trails, and yes... it's a Bikes Direct bike. Screw it, I like Bikes Direct! Full review to follow.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


My flatland friends over in Austin, TX made a great Merry Christmas video. Thanks goes to Mark Dandridge (Raddad67) for putting this together!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


This video is just about the sickest riding I've ever seen. Too bad there's no such thing as street legal trials bikes here in the US.

PLEASE SUBMIT STUFF! has been lacking for quite some time - I need stuff! SuperMoto, Off-road, mountain bike, downhill, dirtjump, BMX, cycling, cyclocross, fixed gear, etc. - send it all over! I love all that stuff! Pictures, videos (youtube or vimeo preferred), ride reports, and reviews are welcomed.

Of course, there are a few conditions:
  1. Submissions are to be from NORTHERN CALIFORNIA ONLY! I'd love to cover the entire world, but SMhooligans is a Nor-Cal site.
  2. Please, no junk - and that will be to my discretion. Anyway, through your submission, you are representing yourself, so you want to send me some cool stuff, right?
  3. No offensive material, please. That includes depictions of bad accidents, deaths, dismemberment, criminal activity (beating people up, robbing people, etc); and keep the pornography to yourself.
  4. Please try to check your spelling and grammar. I'm not an elementary school teacher.
  5. Please give credit where credit is due. Provide rider names and location, and music credits if applicable.

I really appreciate your participation and look forward to all the cool stuff that's going to come through this site!

Submit your hooliganism to:


Sometime in 2004, I was at my end with sportbikes. I was attending very expensive sportbike trackdays and riding the Bay Area, Ca. hills like I did at those trackdays - draggin' knee, and having a lot of close calls and a handful of spills. Hanging out at the Skywood Trading Post, I heard countless sirens and horns while emergency vehicles raced down to tend to yet another crashed rider. The modern sportbike, in my opinion, is a deadly machine on the street. Although the technology behind these motorcycles is a display of incredible engineering, it is also a curse. I was over the speeding and inherent danger of the modern sportbike. I wanted an alternative.

I grew up riding BMX, and I was a pretty good "freestyler" back in the 80's and 90's. My dream was to find a motorcycle that could really marry the two passions in my life: BMX and Moto. The SuperMoto was the answer. With the upright seating position and single cylinder "thumper" engine, The SuperMoto just made the most sense. Speed? It's all relative - and really... do you need to be going 110 MPH on public roads?

Since adopting SuperMoto, I created which has been an active part of the SuperMoto scene. This site gained popularity through the very affordable trackday events, group rides and videos and even became a world-wide phenomenon with the offshoot "SMHooligans Indonesia" site. Trackdays eventually became no longer available due to my work time constraints and liability issues, but were fun and memorable nonetheless.

For the past few years, I've weaned myself from riding the asphalt entirely. With issues like tickets, crazy drivers and traffic frustrations, I've taken up off-road riding which I enjoy both with my brother and my growing nephew. On designated trails, I don't have to contend with cars or competing motorcycles (especially the advance trails I ride most of the time). I also got much more serious about cycling, even flatland BMX.

SMHooligans has evolved, like most things do. Over time, I noticed that I wasn't the only one who was interested in SuperMoto and other things like off-road riding, mountain biking, road cycling, BMX, etc. and therefore I added the "" domain. However, SMHooligans was founded on SuperMoto and will always be a SuperMoto enthusiast website - with just a few other things added, as well.

I may not be riding SuperMoto (at the moment *insert evil laugh here*) but I know many of you are. I also know that many of you are trying to get started, and that's why I co-wrote "The Newbie Guide to SuperMoto" for any one interested in getting sideways.

I hope you enjoy the site, and RIDE FREE!

-Dion "Dion Rides" Dangzalan